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- Snowmobile Adventure -
- Bartlett Nature Center -
- Chief Shabbona -
- Cuboree -
- Dulcimer Festival -

- Boundary Waters -
- Summer Camp -
- Michigan Dunes -
- Palisades Weekend -
- Jonamac Weekend -
- M22 Weeekend -

- Biking Weekend -
- Jamboree on the Air -
- Wisconsin Backpack Adventure -
- Kentucky High Adventure -
- Holiday Campout -
- Disaster Relief


Thunder Bay Resort
Phelps, Wisconsin
January 13-15, 2018


We travel 400 miles north to Thunder Bay Resort in Phelps, Wisconsin on Saturday morning. There is a cabin to stay in. Sunday is spent on Lac Vieux Desert, a lake bordering Wisconsin and Michigan, where we fish for Northern Pike and pan fish with professional guides.

All necessary fishing equipment is provided. With professional guidance, our fishing will be very successful. We are outdoors on the ice for most of the day. Boys come prepared dressed in layers to deal with the cold during the day. At night we sleep in heated cabin.

Dogs grilled for lunch while on the lake. Supper features the fish caught earlier that day, plus some other goodies. We spend Sunday night there, then drive home on Monday, MLK Day.


Thunder Bay Resort
Phelps, Wisconsin
February 23-25, 2018

Enjoying the excitement of winter adventure. Scouts and leaders traveled into northern Wisconsin to test their skills and toughness.

This activity is restricted to Scouts age 14 and older. Age restriction is a national policy. Scouts must have an adult partner for this event due to snowmobile rental. It involves two nights in a cabin with many great miles of outdoor winter adventure snowmobiling on the many miles of woodland trails in the area. The cost of the weekend plus snowmobile rental.


Nature Program & Electronic Games
Bartlett, Illinois
March 23-24, 2018


At the beginning of spring break, it's a great place for a fun and educational overnight event. There is an auditorium to watch movies, tables for games, large screens for electronic games, animal exhibits, educational displays, and more. Large snake will be handled. We spend the night indoors. If you bring your own game systems; be sure they are marked for identification purposes. It's in a large modern building in a lock-in situation. Pizza at night. Continental breakfast in the morning


Scout Skills & K9 Rescue
Chief Shabbona Forest Preserve
Shabbona, Illinois
April 21-22, 2018


At Chief Shabbona Forest Preserve in Shabbona, IL. this weekend involves Scout skills and K9 Rescue training. Scout skills involve wood tools, cooking, firebuilding plus orienteering and hike. On Sunday a K9 Dog Rescue demonstration involves Scouts being victims found by resuce dogs.


Camp Big Timber
Elgin, Illinois
May 18-20, 2018


Kishwaukee District has a very popular Cuboree event. Various Scout troops serve as staff doing jobs or running events. Troop 33's job was to feed 300 Cub Scouts, parents, and staff members during the weekend. Two hot breakfasts included pancakes, sausage, eggs, oatmeal, apple sauce and fresh fruit.

Saturday dinner menu included: pig roast along with sweet and sour meatballs, bratwurst, hot dogs, vegetarian chili, potato salad, macaroni salad, cole slaw, salad bar, potato chips, baked beans, brownies, and cheesecake with choice of cherry, strawberry, or blueberry topping.

The evening campfire program features an Order of the Arrow callout ceremony.


Goold Park
Morris, Illinois
June 8-10, 2018


Gebhard Woods Dulcimer Festival draws thousands of people to Morris, Illinois. The festival features folk music and dulcimers. Troop 33 provides the food concession for the festival.

Goold Park is a city park where we had special permission to tent camp and operate the food concession. Our Scouts earned money for their Scout Accounts while working at our food booth.

Our menu was extensive featuring: chicken wraps, veggie wraps, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, smoked polish sausage, hot dogs, funnel cakes, ice cream, root beer floats, lemon shake-ups, soda, and bottled water. Morning breakfasts included pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, and hash brown potatoes.

Besides the Dulcimer Festival, Scouts also enjoy a visit to the city's swimming pool and car show in downtown Morris.

This is one of our FREE campouts. No cost to Scouts. As a fundraiser they earn money while working hard and still having fun.


Superior National Forest
Ely, Minnesota
June 22-29, 2018


This is a high adventure trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota. This exciting summer adventure took Scouts paddling into a unique wilderness experience that they truly loved.

Paddling from one lake to another sometimes required portaging, a short distance traveling across land. Portages involve moving canoes, food, all camping and personal equipment, which can be a tough ordeal. Rugged and steep trails meant extreme physical challenge. Work together as a team, help one another along the way, overcome even the most strenuous portages.

The itinerary began at Moose Lake near Ely, Minnesota and included 25 lakes, with about one third of them skirting the Canadian border. Some lakes were connected by waterways with rushing rapids making very exciting paddling or sometimes they carefully walk the canoes through hazardous areas. The circular route included more than 50-miles of canoeing before returning back to Moose Lake.

After canoeing to a new campsite, more exploration and adventure had great fishing, cold water swimming, and the thrill of jumping off a giant rock which kept things exciting.

Deeper into the wilderness, some days tougher than others, they work together tirelessly to support each other. Each challenge builds a stronger bond within their group. Fellowship and accomplishment is found and carried throughout the adventure. It's an experience to never forget.


Summer Camp Program
Camp Lowden
Oregon, Illinois
July 12-18, 2018


Scouts complete merit badges, including badges such as cinematography, chess, geocaching, golf, oceanography and robotics. Other activities included swimming, rifle shooting, archery, wilderness survival, climbing, rappelling, bouldering, kayaking and riding all-terrain vehicles.

During the week, parents and siblings come out for Family Night, which features a picnic dinner followed by a variety of fun camp-wide games and contests. Later that evening, there is a special campfire program.

Younger Scouts can take part in the First Class Express program, which included basic outdoor skills fulfilling selected requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks.


Chief Shabbona Forest Preserve
Shabbona, Illinois
July 26-29, 2018


This is a 4-day summer adventure trip includes giant dunes for hiking, climbing, and a Jeep tour. There's also visiting wide sand beaches and climbing a tall lighthouse. Kayaking down a river is another part of the experience. It's way more adventure than any regular camping trip. This is the perfect way to celebrate the summer season.


Mississippi Palisades State Park
Savannah, Illinois
August 18-19, 2018


This is a great weekend experience camping at Mississippi Palisades State Park. Hiking along steep trails makes for an adventure with scenic results overlooking areas along the Mississippi River with woodlands and rocky outcrops. Boys enjoy fishing in the backwaters of the Mississippi river. Everyone enjoys fantastic dutch oven cooking for dinner.

A highlight of the weekend is canoeing on the mighty Mississippi River, starting in the backwater and following into the main channel to Savannah, Illinois. The entrance onto the Mississippi River is in a back channel area with no major obstacles except algae, and lots of seaweed like water celery and water stargrass plus water lilies covering large areas.

Highlights of the main channel include paddling under the great new bridge, seeing a giant stern-wheeled paddle boat, numerous power boats, plus a celebratory taco lunch before returning to DeKalb. Teamwork is a major part of the canoeing process. Everyone does their part for a great result.

It's a lot of adventure packed into a weekend camping trip. A great way to celebrate the summer season.


Jonamac Orchard
Malta, Illinois
September 8-9, 2018


This is the Scouting Weekend held at the Jonamac Orchard. Scouts are given a wristband which provides opportunity to enjoy a giant 10-acre Corn Maze, Animal Petting Zoo, 30x60 foot Jumping Pillow, Duck Races, Grain Bin, Haystack Pile, Apple Train, Apple Launcher and Cannons, plus much more.

Boys also enjoy cooking up some dinner and hosting visits from Webelos dens camping there from local Cub Packs. In the morning Troop 33 wakes up early to cook up a hot breakfast of sausage and pancakes for other people camping at the event.


Aurora Sportsman's Club
Waterman, Illinois
September 15-16, 2018


This free event is a combination fundraiser and camping trip. The Mission 22 event is a two day shooting competition which raises money for veteran programs. Troop 33 was invited to provide food for the event. Scouts work during the day at a food booth. Between work time overnight Scouts practice some Scouting skills and enjoy free time. Scouts earn money for future events. It supports a valid shooting event. It is a fun trip with a higher mission.


Two Bike Trips Combined into a Weekend Overnight
Starved Rock State Park
Utica, Illinois
September 29-30, 2018


This weekend involves two days of biking rolled into a weekend overnight camping trip. It provides two qualifying bike rides that count toward Cycling merit badge.

The north-south route extends from DeKalb to Starved Rock State Park. Back roads provide a countryside excursion into DeKalb and LaSalle counties. Towns involved along the way include Utica, Earlville, Shabbona and DeKalb. Each day will provide a challenging ride. Both days combined will total 100 kilometers.


International Radio Event
Russell Woods Forest Preserve
Genoa, Illinois
October 20-21, 2018


This weekend became a day trip instead. The program involves short wave radio transmission possibly with Scouts from other nations in what is called the Jamboree on the Air. Scouts had the opportunity to complete the Radio merit badge during the weekend.


Mississippi Palisades State Park
Savannah, Illinois
October 27-28, 2018


Enjoy a backpacking training weekend. Each boy carries food, water, sleeping bag, tents, clothing, plus cooking utensils and stoves on their backs.

When backpacking in remote areas, we prepare for potential dangers and difficulties like adverse weather, treacherous terrain, health risk or injuries or dangerous animals. Everyone feels trained and ready.

At a few climbs to high points with amazing views, you can look for miles in all directions. There is a sense of achievement and appreciation for the beauty of the area. Spend time working on backpack cooking skills and sharing those talents. At night talk, laugh and share stories around the campfire.

Practice leave no trace, a low-impact outdoor ethic that promotes conservation in the outdoors. Learn to better appreciate the outdoors while having fun, strengthened bonds, and shared positive experiences.


Daniel Boone National Forest
Stanton, Kentucky
November 20-25, 2018


Travel to Kentucky to experience a four-part series of adventures all packed into an amazing 6-day Thanksgiving high adventure holiday.


At Daniel Boone National Forest, backpack through rugged mountains, along steep wooded ridges, narrow ravines, rock formations, and sandstone cliffs. At one area the ridge narrows to barely wider than the trail. It is straight down on both sides. Another exciting place is atop Double Arch rock, which provides an amazing view of the surrounding wilderness.

Later that day do what millions of Americans were doing. A Thanksgiving meal, complete with ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green beans, and dinner rolls.


Rock climbing in the Red River Gorge includes safety instruction and the excitement of climbing and rappelling. Training includes first aid and emergencies, special knots, climbing equipment, technical skills, verbal signals and safety procedures.

Everything learned becomes an action through several exciting climbs. Go straight up the rugged rock face of high cliffs then the excitement of rappelling back down. Earn Climbing merit badge and the opportunity to experience rock climbing at a world class location.


Next is via ferrata, which is Italian meaning iron road. It's a climbing route built across a treacherous rock face using iron rungs, pegs, carved steps, ladders and narrow swinging bridges. Harness and clip to a safety cable, undertake the extreme challenge of traversing the via ferrata routes.

High above the ground, everyone moves slow and careful. Use those iron components attached into the rock. Make our way along a narrow ledge, up a vertical ladder, across a swinging bridge, and scrambling across bare rock, be tested to the max. Each decision is crucial. The courses constantly presents new situations to negotiate.

It is a team effort. Moral support is crucial. It takes courage and agility. That experience brings a mix of emotions; terrifying but breathtaking, awesome and challenging. It is not easy to accomplish. Each person proves themselves with nerves of iron.

Some quick history - via ferrata was used in Europe during World War I by the Italians to move troops through the Dolomite Mountains that were otherwise impassible.


Next and last, visit one of the nation's largest zip line centers. A zip line consists of a pulley mounted to a cable that slides down from a high point to a lower point. High points are at the top of a tower. Each person used a safety harness to ride down a cable at each of seven zip lines.

Hiking from tower to tower, each is a new zip line adventure. These zip lines provide extremes, with some of the fastest, highest, and longest in the nation. Speeding 55 mph, 300 feet high, zipping across a canyon, 4,000 feet in length, will seem like never ending excitement. That adventure can best be described as "fast and furious".

This four-part adventure series includes backpacking, rock climbing, via ferrata, and zip lining. It is an ultimate challenge experience compressed into a short time frame.

Truly a Thanksgiving high adventure holiday to be remembered.


Snow Farm
Sycamore, Illinois
December 8-9, 2018


Our December campout takes place in a heated area at the main barn.

The farm is historic dating back to the 1870's. There are places to hike and explore outdoors. Three areas of woodland include one of them along the Kishwaukee River. A warm indoor room provides a place for electronic games when not outdoors.


Moorehead City, North Carolina
December 26, 2018 - January 2, 2019


Our 2nd December campout takes place in storm ravaged North Carolina.

The trip involved traveling to Beckley, WV for our first overnight in a church. The next day we arrived in Moorehead City, NC where we were based for overnights at a church. We worked on assigned projects for three homes in the cities of Newport, New Bern, and Jacksonville, NC. We had time to visit the ocean at Emerald Isle before moving to a new location at Kelly, NC. There we worked on projects for three more houses. We then spent two nights in the Smokey Mountains area for New Years Eve and some hiking on Mt Le Conte at the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.


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