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2011 Projects

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The Scouts of Troop 33 have always worked hard at community service. We schedule several service projects every year, plus Eagle Service projects being conducted by our Eagle Scout candidates.


Boy Scout Troop 33
DeKalb, Illinois


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Date(s) Project Hours
Feb 8 Cortland School 16
Mar 09 Distribute Flyers 21
Mar 12 Scouting for Food 36
Mar 19-26 Kentucky - HIS House 315
May 7 Tornado - Food Drive 10
May 20-22 Cuboree 336
May 30 Downtown Flags 52
May 30 Fairview Flags 46
May 30 Glidden Homestead 44
Jun 12 Dulcimer Food Donation 3
Jul 13-15 OA Ordeal 24
Aug 02 Glidden Homestead 24
Aug 26-28 Cornfest 82
Sep 10 Church Tailgate 24
Sep 11 911 Memorial 24
Sep 18 Glidden Homestead 12
Sep 23-25 September Fest Security 104
Oct 01 Electronics Recycling 60
Oct 08 John Grant Move 65
Oct 22,29 AYSO Food Drive 14
Oct 29 Cortland Food Drive 20
Nov 06 DYFL Juvenile Diabetes 30
Nov 11 Veterans Day 14
Nov 20 Church Dinner 57
Dec 03 Pan. Break. Food Drive 5
Dec 28-31 Georgia Trip 180
26 Projects To benefit many causes 1,618 Hours

Feb 08
Cortland School PTA - 16 hours

Scouts provided program activities for children while parents attended the PTA meeting.

Mar 09
Flyer Distribution - 21 hours

Scouts distributed flyers door to door to residences in one section of DeKalb in preparation for the Scouting for Food drive.

Mar 12
Scouting for Food - 36 hours

The Scouting for Food event featured a food drive where Scouts and adults divided into routes to pick up food bags from residences. Routes included sections in southern DeKalb plus the towns of Cortland and Malta. In addition to collecting food and delivering it to the Salvation Army, Scouts help unload and sort food.

Mar 19-26
Spring Break Project - 315 hours

The Spring Break service event took place in Beechmont, Kentucky at HIS House. His House is an abandoned high school being restored into a national disaster relief center. When completed it will provide housing for homeless disaster victims, classrooms for disaster training and certification, a control center for relief efforts, and a storage and distribution center for critically needed food and supplies.
Projects included clearing outdoor areas, unloading trucks, moving equipment, and cleaning indoor locations. Nine people each worked 35-hours of service time. The 8-day event also included visiting adventure locations in the area.
Adventure locations included Fort Knox military reservation, caving at Mammoth Cave National Park, touring the Corvette Assembly Plant, and visiting the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.

May 07
Food Drive for Tornado Victims - 10 hours

We included a Food Drive at our spring Pancake Breakfast event. The food collected was organized and boxed, then delivered to a local family in Waterman, Illinois that transported the food to tornado victims in Alabama.

May 20-22
Food Service for Cuboree - 336 hours

The Cuboree event draws about 500 Cubs and parents, supported by 100 staff members. Troop 33 cooked Saturday breakfast, Saturday dinner, and Sunday breakfast for the 600 people attending.
A makeshift field kitchen was set up in a large barn building. Breakfast included pancakes, eggs, and sausage. The dinner menu included roasted pig and hams, sweet and sour meatballs, bratwurst, hot dogs, baked beans, macaroni salad, cole slaw, fresh vegatable salad bar, brownies, cherry cheesecake, and cookies. There were 17 Scouts and 11 adults working at this event.

May 30

#A. Downtown Flags - 52 hours

At sunrise we installed American flags at two parks in Downtown DeKalb. The first park was DeKalb Square, corner of 4th & Lincoln, where we installed flags representing the 50 states. Our second installation was at Memorial Park, corner of 1st & Lincoln, with flags representing the five branches of service, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. The flags we up by sunrise and flew all day. We returned before sunset to retire the flags and return them to storage.

#B. Fairview Flags - 46 hours

Each Memorial Day the entrance to Fairview Cemetery becomes a dramatic sight with the annual "Avenue of Flags". Our Scouts and leaders helped install rows of tall staffs flying large flags as a memorial to the many veterans buried at the cemetery. A crew of 26 boys and adults worked in the morning with 20 returning at the end of the day to retire, fold, and place the flags in storage until the next year.

#C. Glidden Homestead - 44 hours

Glidden Homestead is a historic site featuring Joseph Glidden's mansion and the large barn building where he invented barbed wire. The landscaped grounds needed weeding with trees that needed pruning. There were 11 Scouts and adults working at this event.

June 12
Dulcimer Festival/Food Donaton - 3 hours

The Dulcimer Music Festival at Gebhard Woods in Morris, Illinois draws thousands of people. Troop 33 provides food service to the event as a major fundraiser. Supported by 18 boys and leaders working at the event, we spent a busy weekend on June 10-11-12, 2011.
The service portion of this project consists of the leftover fresh produce donated after the event is over. We donated a large amount of green peppers, onions, mushrooms, zuccini, and sweetcorn to Hope Haven, a homeless shelter in DeKalb, IL. Our service hours total represents only the combined time of a few people who delivered the food donation to the shelter.

July 13,14,15
Order of the Arrow - 24 hours

Four members of Troop 33 participated in the Order of the Arrow Fellowship held at Camp Freeland Leslie located near Oxford, Wisconsin. Work at this project consisted of misc. tasks designed to support the property at the camp.
The 3 days included travel and ceremonies. The service portion of this project consists of the time actually spent working on projects.

Aug 02
Glidden Homestead - 24 hours

Only six members of Troop 33 participated in the project at Glidden Homestead. Work at this project included pulling weeds and spreading mulch.
It was hard work on a hot day. The temperature started at 90 degrees. As the time wore on the temperature dropped then exploded into a severe thunderstorm minutes after the project ended.

Aug 26,27,28
DeKalb Cornfest - 82 hours

Troop 33 participated at DeKalb Cornfest, a large music festival drawing over 100,000 people. We work in many ways. It is our largest fundraiser of the year, as well as a source of service projects.
The largest effort in our fundraising activities is operating a large food booth. The second part of the fundraising is providing ice to all the other vendors at Cornfest.
Service activities include three areas. Collecting garbage containers at the end of the day and moving them to a central location for disposal. Cleaning the beer garden after the big show, and collecting aluminum cans for recycling. There were 58 boys and adults working during Cornfest weekend, but only those involved in service are counted in the hours total.

Sep 10
First Lutheran Tailgate - 24 hours

This event was a program kick-off event for the youth program at our charter sponsor, First Lutheran Church, DeKalb, IL. The church parking lot was filled with games, special info booths and a wide variety of activities based on a tailgating theme.
We helped with setting up the church parking lot to become an active social area that Saturday evening kicking off the year's youth ministry. We provided a concession trailer where our troop grilled dogs and brats for about 150 people, plus other misc service tasks. Our 8-person team did an exceptional job. They cleaned up after dark.

Sep 11
Tenth Anniversary 911 Memorial - 24 hours

The tenth anniversary of 9-11 attack marked a point in history. A special remembrance was held at the healing garden of Kishwaukee Community Hospital. Scout slipped out of t-shirts and into uniform shirts for 12:30 p.m.
Well attended by Scouts, firefighters, and citizens from DeKalb County, a line of fire engines parked nearby highlighted by “big John” the county’s highest snorkel unit, which raised a giant American flag 100+ feet above the ceremony site.
A contingent of uniformed firefighters flanked by hundreds of Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts gathered in the garden. Flags filled the area as speakers reflected on the significance of the event. Bagpipes and drums provided music, a chorale of high school students provided song, a bell ringing and 21-gun salute added drama. It was a time in history marked well by a moving remembrance. Our 12-person honor guard experienced something they will never forget.

Sep 18
Glidden Homestead - 12 hours

We worked at Glidden Homestead on Sunday afternoon despite the rain. Ponchos were being used to stay dry. Weeding a large area and applying mulch made for a long afternoon. It was raining when we arrived, and raining when we left.
Our turnout was extremely low with a workload much dirtier and less pleasant due to the rain. All work was done correctly and completed in good time due to the hard work of those present. Rather than postpone the project, we worked to complete it so the Glidden Homestead would look good for the next weekend's events.
Despite the rain and only a 4-person crew working, it was a good community service project for an important local historic site.

Sep 23,24,25
September Fest - 104 hours

Troop 33 participated at September Fest, which is a large fun fair activity to benefit St Mary's Catholic Grade School. They have a sound stage, beer garden, food booths, games, and carnival rides. The event draws thousands of people. We work there in many ways. #1 it is a fundraiser, and #2 is serves as a source of service projects.
Our fundraising activity is operating a food booth. We concentrate of selling lemon shake-ups and funnel cakes.
Service activities include three areas. #1. Collecting garbage containers at the end of the day and moving them and emptying them into a central dumpster container. #2. Cleaning around the beer garden after each day, and #3. Providing overnight security for the event.
There were 28 boys and adults working during September Fest weekend, but only about 13 were involved in service and counted in the hours total.

Oct 1
Electronics Recycling - 60 hours

We helped the Electronics Recycling program which was co-sponsored by the DeKalb County Health Department and the DeKalb County Farm Bureau. Our Scouts helped by unloading cars as they arrived. We unloaded computers, printers, fax machines, copiers, scanners, cell phones, stereos, tv, and monitors.
In five hours of work we helped collect about 50,000 pounds of electronics, which was enough to fill three trucks. The recycling program helps the environment by preserving landfill space and recycling some precious metals and other materials. After the work was done everyone was treated to pizza and pop.

Oct 8
John Grant Move - 65 hours

Some Troop 33 members along with neighbors worked to load up a truck for John and Lila Grant's move south to Georgia. John was undergoing chemotherapy and was very weak from the medications. Once loaded, Jim Overmann volunteered to drive the truck to Catersville, Georgia. Jim flew back to Illinois and Bill Todtz drove him back to DeKalb. John's prognosis was positive for recovery, though with a long and difficult journey ahead of him.
It was hoped Georgia would offer a much warmer winter and an early spring. It was hoped John would be healthier and able to enjoy rest and recovery in the gentle warmth of the deep south.

Oct 22, 29
Food Drive - 14 hours

Boy Scout Troop 33 used its AYSO Food Booth as a collection point for a food drive during the last two Saturdays in October. Scouts collected food which was donated to the Salvation Army food pantry in DeKalb.

Oct 29
Food Drive - 20 hours

Boy Scout Troop 33 worked with Cortland Cub Pack 134 to accomplish a food drive in portions of Cortland. Some Scouts helped distribute fliers to homes days prior to the food drive. Two crews of Scouts collected food from homes on Saturday October 29th. The food was donated to the food pantry at St Mary's Church.

Nov 06
DYFL Donation - 30 hours

Troop 33 operated a food booth at the 2nd annual DeKalb Youth Football League charity tournament. Our food booth was located at Clinton Rosette Middle School, where 13 football games took place on Saturday and Sunday. We provided hot chocolate, coffee, cold drinks, donuts, nachos, hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pizza, and candy to those who attended.
We also sold souvenir t-shirts for the tournament. The weather was fairly warm for November with some strong winds in the afternoon. The charity designated was juvenile diabetes.
Boy Scout Troop 33 used its DYFL Food Booth as a source for contributing funds to Juvenile Diabetes. Fifteen people worked operating the booth. Troop 33 donated $276.00 for Juvenile Diabetes.

Nov 11
Veteran's Day - 14 hours

A group of Troop 33 Scouts visited Oakcrest Retirement Center in DeKalb. Flag activities were performed.
First, Scouts retired an American flag which flew in front of the building and replaced it with a new one. The retired American flag being presented to a WWII veteran.
Scouts presented an American flag at a formal ceremony later retiring the flag at the end. The ceremony began at 11:00 a.m. with a prayer, poem, and presentation. The American flag was presented and posted at 11:11 a.m. on 11-11-11. It was a honorable moment in time.
The ceremony was very dignified and well done. The names of all the veterans residing at Oakcrest were called, identifying the branch in which they served. Oakcrest takes pride in the 57 veterans who reside there. Two thirds of the veterans served in World War II, others served in Korea.
After the ceremony was concluded Scouts assisted wheelchair bound residents return to their room. The were honored to provide assistance to the heroes of the 2oth century. It was precious time well spent.
Scouts were treated to a luncheon buffet at the center, which featured excellent food. Veterans Day at Oakcrest was an important event to experience.

Nov 20
Church Dinner - 57 hours

Scouts served beverages and washed and dried dishes for the annual banquet and hymn fest at First Lutheran Church in Dekalb, our troop sponsor. Five turkeys and two hams were featured as well as a host of side dishes, salads, and desserts.
About 175 people were in attendance. Our boys worked hard and enjoyed some really great food as well. Eighteen people worked on the project.

Dec 03
Pancake Breakfast / Food Drive - 5 hours

A pancake breakfast included excellent with hard working Scouts. The service element involved collecting food at the event. Our collection of food was donated to the "Freezing for Food" event sponsored by WLBK radio personality T.D. Ryan. His collection of food benefitted the Salvation Army food pantry in DeKalb.

Dec 28-31, 2011
John Grant Memorial - Georgia Trip - 180 hours

John Grant was a very dedicated adult leader serving the Scouts of Troop 33. He served year round from 100+ degree heat to subzero cold, in all types of outdoor adventures. In October 2011 he moved to Euharlee, Georgia hopeful to enjoy a long retirement after expected recovery from a major health issue. His tragic passing on December 25, 2011 was a devastating event to everyone in Troop 33.
Troop 33 traveled to Georgia to pay final respects and bid a last goodbye to John. Eight Scouts served as pallbearers with others serving as honor guard during John's Memorial Services. A funeral service was conducted at Dow Funeral Home in Cartersville, Georgia. At the Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, Georgia a service was held with full military honors followed later by a Native American service at his grave site honoring John's Cherokee heritage. It was the final Scouting event for 2011.
We traveled to Georgia in support of John's family and his Eagle Scout grandson A.J. We traveled to pay honor and offer our deep respect to a great Scouter and a valued friend, John Howard Grant 1947-2011. John spent many years being there for the boys. In the end the boys were also there for him. May John rest in peace.

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Organizations Involved

  • Alabama Tornado Victims
  • Cortland School PTA
  • City of DeKalb
  • Dekalb County Health Department
  • Fairview Cemetery
  • First Lutheran Church
  • Glidden Homestead Historic Site
  • HIS House; Beechmont, KY
  • Hope Haven Homeless Shelter
  • John Grant Memorial
  • Juvenile Diabetes Association
  • Kishwaukee Community Hospital
  • Oak Crest Retirement Center
  • St Mary's Food Pantry St Mary's School


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