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Date(s) Project Hours
Mar 07 Distribute Flyers for Food Drive 39
Mar 10 Scouting for Food 54
Mar 17 Craft Fair - Huntley M.S. 12
Mar 20-21 J.R. Jensen - Memorial Services 42
Mar 31-Apr 4 Tornado Relief - Harrisburg, IL 364
Apr 7 Glidden Homestead 33
Apr 15 Pastor Seth Brunch 27
May 4-6 Kishwaukee Cuboree - Staff 360
May 5-6 Malta Library xxx
May 6 Hope Haven - Food Donation 6
May 11-12 Malta Library - Jacob Mc Eagle xxx
May 12 Stamp Out Food 77
May 19 Malta Library - Jacob Mc Eagle xxx
May 26 Glidden Homestead 52
May 28 Downtown DeKalb - Memorial Day Flags 68
May 28 Fairview Cemetery - Avenue of Flags 80
Jun 2 Bicycle Repair Project 40
Jun 11 Hope Haven - Food Donation 6
Jun 14 Flag Day Ceremony 14
Aug 9-11 Lincoln Highway Byway 72
Aug 24-26 Cornfest Project 75
Aug 27 Hope Haven - Food Donation 8
Sep 21-23 September Fest Security 88
Oct 04 Tribute to Heroes 42
Oct 27 Hope Haven - Food Donation 20
Nov 09 Veteran's Day Ceremony 21
Nov 10 Alpha Phi Omega 24
Nov 17 Hurricane Donation Drop 36
Nov 18 Church Dinner 60
Nov 19 Trailer Loading 26
Nov 20-25 Hurricane Sandy Thanksgiving Mission 450
Dec 01 Food Drive 16
Dec 26 - Jan 02 Hurricane Sandy Christmas Mission 300
xx Projects To benefit many causes xxxx Hours

Mar 07
Flyer Distribution - 39 hours

Scouts distributed flyers door to door to residences in one section of DeKalb in preparation for the Scouting for Food drive.

Mar 10
Scouting for Food - 54 hours

The Scouting for Food event featured a food drive where Scouts and adults divided into routes to pick up food bags from residences. Routes included sections in southern DeKalb plus the towns of Cortland and Malta. In addition to collecting food and delivering it to the Salvation Army, Scouts help unload and sort food.

Mar 20-21, 2012
J.R. Jensen Memorial - 22 hours

J.R. Jensen was dedicated to serving young people. He worked many years at Mooseheart, a Child City offering a complete community for young people, where he and his wife Jamie served as Mooseheart Family Teachers. He was also an adult leader serving the Scouts of Troop 33. His two sons are Scouts in Troop 33. His tragic passing on March 15, 2012 was a devastating event to everyone in Troop 33.
Many Scouts and families from Troop 33 paid their final respects and bid a last goodbye to J.R. Troop members attended the visitation on March 20th and the funeral service held on March 21st at Anderson Funeral Home in DeKalb. It was important to show support for the Jensen family. May J.R. rest in peace.

Mar 31-Apr 4
Spring Break Project - 364 hours

The Spring Break service event took place in Harriburg, Illinois. An EF-4 tornado left 8 people dead and 110 injured in Harrisburg. Over 200 homes and 25 businesses were destroyed or badly damaged. We were based with other volunteers at Dorisville Baptist Church.
Troop 33 helped remove storm debris from six miles of grass roadside along U.S. Route 45 on the southern edge of Harrisburg. We also worked to remove concrete, brick, and other debris from the ruins of two homes on Largent Street. We broke up debris by hand using sledge hammers and transporting the material by wheelbarrows and 5-gallon buckets. It was a lot of muscle and sweat. We filled a 30-yard roll-off dumpster each day through our efforts.
The day we left, housing trailers were moved onto the lots we cleared. Two homeless families displaced by the tornado now had a place to live.

Apr 07
Glidden Homestead Historic Site - 33 hours

This was a morning service project where we worked on floral gardens, removing dead material and getting things ready for a new season. We also created new walking paths through the large floral beds. Glidden Homestead is located on West Lincoln Highway and is an important historical site in DeKalb.

Apr 15
Pastor Seth - Brunch 27 hours

The brunch activity was in celebration of Pastor Seth Solulu's newest child. Pastor Seth is a Lutheran minister from Tanzania that had been doing graduate studies in Music at NIU. He spent time with church activities and made some presenations about Africa to our troop. Troop 33 Scouts worked to help serve beverages and wash dishes at this event.

May 04-06
Food Service for Cuboree - 360 hours

The Cuboree event drew about 375 Cubs, parents, and staff members. Troop 33 cooked Saturday breakfast, Saturday dinner, and Sunday breakfast for the people attending.
Our kitchen was in the K-Lodge building at Camp Big Timber. Breakfast included pancakes, eggs, and sausage. The dinner menu included roasted pig and hams, sweet and sour meatballs, bratwurst, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, fresh vegatable salad bar, brownies, cherry cheesecake, and cookies. There were many Scouts and adults working at this event.

May 05,06,11,12,19
Malta Library - Eagle Project x hours


May 17, 2012
Craft Fair - 12 hours

At Hopkins Park Saturday morning Scouts helped move materials from vendor's vehicles to help set up the event. The event raised money for Huntley Middle School.

May 12
Stamp Out Hunger - 77 hours

Stamp Out Hunger is the National Association of Letter Carriers’ (NALC) annual food drive that locally supports Salvation Army Food Pantry. On Saturday May 12th, letter carriers collected food at homes across our area. It is one of the largest single day food drives in DeKalb.
Our Scouts helped with the project by oganizing and sorting the food as it came in at the Salvation Army. Scouts served a worthy cause with a day of hard work.

May 26
Glidden Homestead - 52 hours

Members of Troop 33 worked in the project at Glidden Homestead pulling weeds and spreading mulch at the floral beds on the property.
It was hard work on a warm sunny day.

May 28

#A. Downtown Flags - 68 hours

At sunrise we installed American flags at two parks in Downtown DeKalb. The first park was DeKalb Square, corner of 4th & Lincoln, where we installed flags representing the 50 states. Our second installation was at Memorial Park, corner of 1st & Lincoln, with flags representing the five branches of service, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. The flags we up by sunrise and flew all day. We returned before sunset to retire the flags and return them to storage.

#B. Fairview Flags - 80 hours

Each Memorial Day the entrance to Fairview Cemetery becomes a dramatic sight with the annual "Avenue of Flags". Our Scouts and leaders helped install rows of tall staffs flying large flags as a memorial to the many veterans buried at the cemetery. A crew of 26 boys and adults worked in the morning with 20 returning at the end of the day to retire, fold, and place the flags in storage until the next year.

Jun 2
Bicycle Repair Day - 40 hours

Troop 33 had many older bicycles donated for this project. Scouts worked to repair and refurbish bicycles which were donated to the Hope Haven homeless shelter.

June 11
Dulcimer Festival/Food Donaton - 3 hours

The Dulcimer Music Festival at Gebhard Woods in Morris, Illinois draws thousands of people. Troop 33 provides food service to the event as a major fundraiser. Supported by 18 boys and leaders working at the event, we spent a busy weekend on June 09-11, 2011.
The service portion of this project consists of the leftover fresh produce donated after the event is over. We donated a large amount of green peppers, onions, mushrooms, zuccini, and sweetcorn to Hope Haven, a homeless shelter in DeKalb, IL. Our service hours total represents only the combined time of a few people who delivered the food donation to the shelter.

Jun 14
Flag Day - Oak Crest 14 hours

A team of Scouts participated in a Flag Day celebration at Oak Crest Retirement Center. Scouts helped decorate for a brunch program. Scouts presented colors during a Flag Day ceremony. After the ceremony Scouts assisted residents in wheelchairs return to their rooms.
Oak Crest is filled with veterans. Though in elderly years now, there were once young soldiers fighting for the freedom we enjoy today. It is an honor to be involved in a ceremony to honor what they fought so bravely for so many years ago.

Aug 9,10,11
DAWC Lincoln Highway Byway - x hours


Aug 24,25,26
DeKalb Cornfest - xx hours

Troop 33 participated at DeKalb Cornfest, a large music festival drawing over 100,000 people. We work in many ways. It is our largest fundraiser of the year, as well as a source of service projects.
The largest effort in our fundraising activities is operating a large food booth. The second part of the fundraising is providing ice to all the other vendors at Cornfest.
Service activities include three areas. Collecting garbage containers at the end of the day and moving them to a central location for disposal. Cleaning the beer garden after the big show, and collecting aluminum cans for recycling. There were xx boys and adults working during Cornfest weekend, but only those involved in service are counted in the hours total.

September 7,8,9
Order of the Arrow - xx hours

Four members of Troop 33 participated in the Order of the Arrow Fellowship held at Adventure Camp located near Rochelle, Illinois. Work at this project consisted of misc. tasks designed to support the property at the camp.
The 3 days included travel and ceremonies. The service portion of this project consists of the time actually spent working on projects.

Sep 21,22,23
September Fest - xx hours

Troop 33 participated at September Fest, which is a large fun fair activity to benefit St Mary's Catholic Grade School. They have a sound stage, beer garden, food booths, games, and carnival rides. The event draws thousands of people. We work there in many ways. #1 it is a fundraiser, and #2 is serves as a source of service projects.
Our fundraising activity is operating a food booth. We concentrate of selling lemon shake-ups and funnel cakes.
Service activities include three areas. #1. Collecting garbage containers at the end of the day and moving them and emptying them into a central dumpster container. #2. Cleaning around the beer garden after each day, and #3. Providing overnight security for the event.
There were xx boys and adults working during September Fest weekend, but only about xx were involved in service and counted in the hours total.

Oct 27
Hope Haven - Food Donation x hours


Nov 09
Veteran's Day - xx hours

A group of Troop 33 Scouts visited Oakcrest Retirement Center in DeKalb. Flag activities were performed.
Scouts helped decorate a room where a bruch was served for veterans. Scouts worked at serving beverages and helped at the buffet.
Scouts presented an American flag at a formal ceremony later retiring the flag at the end. The ceremony began at 11:11 a.m. with a prayer, poem, and presentation. The American flag was presented and posted at 11:11 a.m. on 11-11-11. It was a honorable moment in time.
The ceremony was dignified and well done. The names of all the veterans residing at Oakcrest were called, identifying the branch in which they served. Oakcrest takes pride in the veterans who reside there. Two thirds of the veterans served in World War II, others served in Korea.
After the ceremony was concluded Scouts assisted wheelchair bound residents return to their room. The were honored to provide assistance to the heroes of the 20th century. It was precious time well spent.
Scouts were treated to a luncheon buffet at the center, which featured excellent food. Veterans Day at Oakcrest was an important event to experience.

Nov 17
Hurricane Sandy Donation Drop Off - x hours


Nov 18
Church Dinner - 57 hours

Scouts served beverages and washed and dried dishes for the annual banquet and hymn fest at First Lutheran Church in Dekalb, our troop sponsor. Five turkeys and two hams were featured as well as a host of side dishes, salads, and desserts.
About 175 people were in attendance. Our boys worked hard and enjoyed some really great food as well. Eighteen people worked on the project.

Nov 19
Loading Trailer - x hours


Nov 20-25
Hurricane Sandy Relief / Thanksgiving Mission - 450 hours

We traveled to New Jersey to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We invested our time doing work projects and distributing critically needed supplies.

We participated in three work projects.

1.) Shared Thanksgiving with a retirement home in Middletown, NJ.
2.) Cleared debris at Windward Beach city park in Brick, NJ.
3.) Removed debris at the home of an elderly man battling cancer.

A 26-foot trailer filled with critically needed supplies, collected locally from our community, was transported to New Jersey. The contents of the trailer were delivered to three areas:

1.) FEMA collection site in Union Beach, NJ.
2.) Beacon of Hope NMCC distribution center in Hazlet, NJ.
3.) Clinton Hill Community Resource Center in Newark, NJ.

Dec 01
Pancake Breakfast / Food Drive - 5 hours

A pancake breakfast included excellent with hard working Scouts. The service element involved collecting food at the event. Our collection of food was donated to the "Freezing for Food" event sponsored by WLBK radio personality T.D. Ryan. His collection of food benefitted the Salvation Army food pantry in DeKalb. We donated 57 pounds of food.

Dec 26 - Jan 02
Hurricane Sandy Relief / Christmas Mission - 300 hours

We traveled to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We invested our time doing work projects and distributing critically needed supplies.

We participated in four work projects.

1.) Worked digging sand from homes in Ocean Beach, NJ.
2.) Helped move Memorial School in Union Beach, NJ.
3.) Moved supplies for Salvation Army in Hazlet, NJ
4.) Worked at a distribution Center in Rockaway, NY.

A van filled with critically needed supplies, collected locally from our community, was transported east. The contents were delivered to three areas:

1.) Memorial items to Town Hall, Newtown, CT.
2.) Operation Brick Food Relief in Brick, NJ.
3.) Renaissance Community Center in Newark, NJ.

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Organizations we worked with

  • 3M Distribution Center, DeKalb, IL
  • 4-C, DeKalb, IL
  • Algus Inc., DeKalb, IL
  • Americorps, Ocean Beach, NJ
  • Beacon of Hope, Hazlet, NJ
  • Brick Township, NJ
  • City of DeKalb, IL
  • Clinton Hill Community Center, Newark, NJ
  • CressWood Recycling, Cortland, IL
  • D. Ryan Tree Service, DeKalb, IL
  • DeKalb Area Women's Center, DeKalb, IL
  • DeKalb Fire Department, DeKalb, IL
  • DeKalb Police Department, DeKalb, IL
  • Fairview Cemetery, DeKalb, IL
  • First Lutheran Church, DeKalb, IL
  • Glidden Homestead Historic Site, DeKalb, IL
  • Hope Haven Homeless Shelter, DeKalb, IL
  • Horizon Displays, DeKalb, IL
  • Huntley Middle School, DeKalb, IL
  • J.R. Jensen Memorial Services, DeKalb, IL
  • Jonamac Orchard, Malta, IL
  • Linen Closet, First Lutheran, DeKalb, IL
  • Malta Public Library, Malta, IL
  • Memorial School, Union Beach, NJ
  • N Ocean County Bucket Brigade, Ocean Beach, NJ
  • Oak Crest Retirement Center, DeKalb, IL
  • Occupy Sandy, Far Rockaway, NY
  • Operation Brick Food Relief, Brick, NJ
  • RAINE Foundation, Hazlet, NJ
  • Regal Pointe Senior Center, Middletown, NJ
  • Renaissance Community Center, Newark, NJ
  • Resident on Harbor Drive, Brick, NJ
  • Salvation Army Emergency Services, Hazlet, NJ
  • Salvation Army Food Pantry, DeKalb, IL
  • St Mary's School, DeKalb, IL
  • St Thomas Lutheran Church, Brick, NJ
  • Sycamore Fire Department, Sycamore, IL
  • Tornado Victims, Harrisburg, Illinois
  • Town Hall, Newtown, CT
  • Union Beach Town Hall, Union Beach, NJ
  • Windward Beach City Park, Brick, NJ


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